Fairtrade Lichfield disbanded

Fairtrade Lichfield has decided, after careful consideration, to disband as a group. We have struggled to recruit active campaigners in recent years, and the decision will not be a surprise. The group has achieved much to build and maintain support for Fairtrade in the city, since Lichfield was first awarded Fairtrade city status in 2008.

George Alagiah with the Mayor or Lichfield
George Alagiah presents the mayor with Lichfield’s Fairtrade City status in 2008

Although the Fairtrade Lichfield group has now formally disbanded, we are pleased to let you know that at a meeting with our group in November 2019, Lichfield Oxfam agreed to act as an ‘agent/representative’ for Fairtrade in Lichfield in the future. This includes taking a lead in running Fairtrade Fortnight campaigns locally, acting as a contact point for local Fairtrade enquiries, and as storage base for Fairtrade Lichfield resources, which can remain available should the group restart in the future.

At the same meeting it was decided that it will be in the interests of Lichfield to seek renewal of its Fairtrade City status by an extended renewal date of August 2022.

Fairtrade Lichfield is proud of its achievements in making Lichfield a Fairtrade City, and we would like to sincerely thank the people and organisations who have supported us over the past ten years. We now enter a new phase of leadership of Fairtrade in Lichfield which will be different, but we are confident will continue to work effectively on behalf of a cause that we all believe in.

Kind regards,

Iwan Griffiths
Fairtrade Lichfield Coordinator

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